There’s a remodel in Wallingford underway with an obvious sense of humor. Green Canopy Home’s latest endeavor has the moniker of  “Keaton” after the famous actor Buster.  If you aren’t familiar with this company, they are ‘house flippers’.  While this might have a negative connotation to some, this partnership has a unconventional business plan.  They look for existing homes throughout Seattle to improve and spruce up just like ordinary investors.  What they do differently isn’t always easily apparent. Sure they add the usual bells and whistles buyers look for, but they go beyond the obvious and put in energy efficient windows, insulation and install energy efficient heating (and cooling) systems.

House in Wallingford

Wallingford remodeling can be fun!

Don’t trust that behind the walls may not be what they promise?  This company tests the house before and after the improvements with a blower door test and provide the buyer with the Energy Performance Score (EPS).  This is an objective measure of efficiency and can give the buyer peace of mind towards knowing what to expect for heating and cooling bills.

What Green Canopy Homes also does extremely well is marketing. They get the neighbors involved; you can vote for the exterior paint color on their facebook page (a lesson they learned the hard way and turned it into a positive!). They hold events for the neighbors and the public with behind-the-walls-tours, and educate whoever is curious through the whole process. If you happen to tour one of their completed homes, there’s information about what was done and a real time energy monitor, so one can see how much energy is being used in the moment.

Flipping houses in this market is perceived as a risky enterprise. Green Canopy is proving to be a working business model. The neighbors appreciate that  the existing homes are kept in scale with the rest of block. Less waste ends up in landfills. The homes perform much better than they did before and will last for at least a few more generations. In the process people are educated on what a green building is and get excited with the process and results.  Green Canopy homes tend to sell for a slightly higher price and typically aren’t on the market for long. It’s a business idea that seems to work well for everyone involved.  It is a very tangible example of a working Triple Bottom Line.

Looking for a home in Wallingford? You can search here.  If you would like more information on how to make your house more efficient, I’m here to help!