Wallingford Good Shepherd Center

It might be the most iconic building in Wallingford. The Good Shepherd Center is a reminder of the past, while being a truly unusual historical landmark of the present.  Originally built as a convent in 1906 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd,  later it was used to care for “wayward” girls. You can search online to find out what life was like for them back then.  Now is the home of many interesting organizations and purposes and much so more than just a community center. Many people know it just for the lovingly maintained grounds.


Sunflower in Wallingford Seattle

Seattle Tilth Demonstration Garden

Besides being the home of Meridian, a private school, of The Washington Toxics Coalition and of Seattle Tilth, the upper floors house a performance space known as the “Chapel” and provides live/work space for a few lucky artists. The lower floors house the private school.

Many would recognize the Center by the striking feat of masonry that make the northeast entrance to the grounds. It’s bordered by the long stone wall topped by the laurel hedge for about a block or two along 50th Street North.


Community Garden by Kim Mulligan Realtor

Community Gardening and Classes

Seattle Tilth’s grounds have “talking signs” that help you understand the unusual looking garden. When you walk inside the grand building, you’ll see the Tilth offices and get just a hint on how many things they have to offer. Their organic and heirloom plant sales each year are an event not to be missed by many.

This building that served so many in the past, continues to serve even more today, but in a friendlier less austere way than in the last century. There is an ever rotating list of events.

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