Nearby Phinney Neighborhood Center Design and Remodel Home Fair

This weekend in the Blue Building of the PNA, (aka Phinney Neighborhood Association) on nearby Phinney Ridge  the annual local Home Fair is back. It’s truly amazing what they can pack into one building. You can meet general contractors, builders and architects, designers, sub-contractors and other vendors all having to do with homes and housing. It’s a great opportunity to actually meet the people who want you as a customer.  If you live nearby this Seattle neighborhood there is lots to learn here. Sit in on presentations throughout the day, or just chat with the exhibitors and see how much they have to offer.


PNA Center

Looking over Green Lake from Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center

Think of it as a home show on a human scale. Odds are, you’re going to learn quite a lot and have a takeaway. Curious about the feasibility of a remodel? Could you add those solar panels to save on utilities?  What could you do with a cistern?  This is a great place to get the answers. If you’ve never been to the PNA it gives you a great chance to see all it has to offer, and it is extensive. Even if you live in Green LakeBallard, Wallingford or further out, the Phinney Neighborhood Center is an organization you should know about.

A must see is on the main floor, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild‘s booth. Come and ask about their inspirational examples of green building in action.  Based on the success of last year, this 2012 Free Green Home Tour is not to be missed.

So take the small trip to the west and check out the home fair. A great time is to be had by all!