Every month Wallingford homes are being sold. The months of December and January were slow, but as you can see by the chart, last year had the same slow months. In Febuarary 2011 the demand for houses started to climb out of the winter gloom.  The pattern seems to be even stronger this year.  There are slightly higher sales than last year and much less inventory.


Seattle Homes for Sale

This neighborhood is seeing increasing demand

How to translate this chart to the real world? If you are thinking about selling your home you might want to list it sooner than later. Especially with the market low mortgage rates , the demand should be showing up in the next couple of months.  This is a great time to list your home well before the summer season when there is much more inventory on the market.  As a buyer, the pinch might be starting towards a more balanced market. It’s not unusual any more to see multiple offers on well prices and emotionally appealing homes. If you are looking to buy north of Lake Union and south of Green Lake, I can help you can search for the latest homes on the market in the Wallingford neighborhood. Give me a ring and I’ll share with you why I love this special Seattle neighborhood.